Is It really that bad?

We have all been there…

Ready to just throw our hands up.

and why?… something didn’t go as we thought. Most of the time the result is out of our hands.

We want it IN our hands. 

We want the control.  We LIKE the control.

Every. Single. Day

Trust me,  I know. I have 5 miniature humans that RARELY do as I say and are amazing at making sure NOTHING goes as my husband and I plan.

I could throw myself on the floor and throw a fit (as they are experts at doing) and honestly sometimes I really feel like it.

Yesterday,  the 46th president was Inaugurated. It happens. Its history. It’s tradition.

Is everyone always pleased with the decision?

Of course not! … that’s the beauty of our country’s democracy. It wouldn’t be exciting, or very good entertainment, if there weren’t two sides who consistently argue and fight over whose ideas are better. (Because we all know that a lot of it is fun to watch… popcorn,  drink of choice…its great!)

Why place our trust in the ‘Whitehouse Country Club’ when our trust should be in HIM. We have to remember that the Good will ALWAYS prevail.

Also, the devil LOVES to aggravate and annoy anyone he can. Naturally, where there is Good they’re is also much evil. I can’t remember a time where something Good was to happen, in history and in present times, and there wasn’t a obstacle of some variety. It’s not always insurmountable but its there, nonetheless.

So, it may seem as if we are in a dark period in time. (Which, by the way, this is nothing compared to other events that have happened in history). It’s hard to, in the moment, remind one’s self that, “this too shall pass”. We have a hard time stopping to ask the question,  “Is it really that bad?”

Again,  the Good always prevails. God didn’t promise the ease of our struggles and He surely didn’t promise things to go OUR way.  His way is THE ONLY way. He told us we would have crosses to bear. It is THROUGH these crosses where we learn and grow.

What are we able to do during a time in history when things are uncertain and tensions are high?

Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry. – Saint Padre Pio

There is nothing more powerful than prayer. Especially, the prayers of children.

We HAVE to place ALL of our trust in HIM who IS. Keep our eyes on THE Cross and His ultimate sacrifice. Focus on the Good around us and love those close to us.

Let us cling tight Our Lord during these next 4 years. Let us not lose sight of what is really important. Let us not forget what our vocation is. Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, etc. This is where we are and where God wants us.

Remember, the good will always prevail.

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