Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know what to say? It happens to all of us and in many different situations. Death, grief, diagnosis, sickness, tragedy, pain, etc. You are being that lending ear someone needs and then it happens. You can’t find any words to say. You start to feel inadequate. Here, this person has come to you for advice and you don’t know what to say other than , “I’m so sorry!”.

I wonder though if sometimes just being with someone can be enough and that maybe words are not always necessary. We desire to comfort and help ease the pain of those we love. We search for the right words only to find there are no such words. It’s okay. Its okay because sometimes there are just no words. Our presence though may just be as much or more comforting for the person. A hug, holding their hand and just being company. When my mother in law was dying from stage 4 cancer, I struggled to find the right words, or anything to say for that matter. I would leave feeling regret of not having said much of anything at all. The words just never came. If myself now could go back and tell myself then one thing it would be to, “find peace in the silence”.

Silence can be so powerful! I think, as a society, we are somewhat “scared” of silence. We have gotten used to so much noise and busyness that we have forgotten about silence. So much truth can come from silence. It is in the silence and only in silence where we will hear Our Lord.

So, just hold their hand in silence. It’s okay to not say anything. There is no need for regret. 




Wouldn’t this be an awesome place to, “just be”. Still. Silent. Listening. Healing.

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