Who is in Control Here?

For me- it was through pain that I learned who was in control. It was through experiencing pain from death that taught me I was NOT in control.  It was through the experience of pain, from losing an innocent life from a miscarriage, that I realized God is in control. Not me.

“He has had my life’s blueprint since the beginning of time.”

I honestly believe that had I not miscarried and felt the immense pain, that stemmed from losing such a sweet and innocent life, I would not have understood just how fragile life is in the womb and what a miracle it truly is when that life enters the world. I would also not have as good of an understanding that He is in control, He is the boss, and that I must trust His plan. 

We should come to terms with knowing that we have no control over losing someone through death. I didn’t have any control over losing Jessie but, however I did have control over my handling of. So, I could not let the pain of losing Jessie control my life. Instead, I chose to accept this cross I was given to bear and trust in God’s plan, the blueprint He designed for me.

 Control has many powerful faces present throughout our lives that play very significant roles. Control can be in the form of our thoughts, memories, actions, touch, ideas, dreams, or even persons. Whats even more powerful though, is making the decision to embrace the peace from letting go of that which controls us.

I believe that patience and consistency are necessary to achieving the intended goal when beginning the process of letting go. If done in the right way, given the amount of time needed, with the right attention, the goal/peace can be achieved. Having that patience for the unplanned  and the consistency to not give up is key!

Often times, the peace that ends up resulting from a situation can, at first, be misinterpreted and/or missed completely. What happens is that it will present itself as a kind of “darkness”. I have experienced this before and, it seems to me, it’s the last hump, the last few steps, the home stretch.

However, once one has the knowledge that this “darkness” is part of what had been desired all along and is the last obstacle it doesn’t really seem like darkness anymore.

The “darkness” has now dicipated and the light is attainable. 

The control is now gone.

Therefore peace is now achieved.

The final aspect is Victorious!

It’s up to us to decide whether we chose control or to “Let go and Let God”.

What do you decide?

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